I Can’t start my computer

  • Make sure that the cables, connectors, and power cords are plugged in securely. Often times a loose cable or connector is the cause of the problem.
  • If you’re using a or a surge protector, make sure it’s on and it works. A surge protector may not be working because When an electric jolt is too much, your surge protector takes the hit saving your more expensive hardware from the voltage.
  • Try plugging something else directly into the electrical outlet to make sure there isn’t a power problem.
  • Check to see if your monitor is on.


The computer is ON but “Blue Screen” has appeared

There’s not a lot to be done except to reboot the machine. If it keeps occurring, this is an indication of a major problem with the computer


  • When you press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete buttons together, you will bring up a control panel where you can select “Task Manager” and see if any of the programs are shown as “not responding”.
  • You may be able to shut down the offending program from there. If you can’t get to this screen, you’ll have to reboot.

Rebooting can do wonders

  • A simple reboot may clear up the problem. Go to the Start Menu and select Shutdown. Didn’t work? It’s time to try a forced reboot — with, unfortunately, no way to save your work — by pressing the keys CTRL-ALT-DEL simultaneously twice in a row.
  • If that didn’t work, you have no choice: you have to turn the computer off manually with the power switch. Hold the power button down (for about 5 -10 seconds) and the computer will shut down. Wait at least 10 seconds for the hard drive to stop spinning and then restart the machine.


The computer is on but… Everything on the screen is frozen and the keyboard and mouse are not responding

Try tapping on the Num Lock key. and notice whether or not the Num Lock light goes on and off. If it doesn’t, the computer is completely locked up. You’ll have to REBOOT the computer. If the light does go off and on, wait a minute, it may come back to life on its own.


There’s an Error Message appeared in my computer!

If an error code or message displayed on screen, . Be sure to document the exact wording of any error messages, it may describe the problem and how serious it is. This can make the job of the Help Desk faster. Other times you get no warning — everything just freezes. Message or no message, note what was going on when the problem occurred. Were you starting your computer? Were you on the Windows Desktop? Were you in a particular application? Surfing the Web?