How to set-up a LCD Projector?

  • Make sure the laptop and projector are both turned off before you start trying to make any connections.
  • Locate the video cable – Connect one end to the Projector “Computer In” port and connect the other end to the Video (external monitor) port on the laptop.
    • Note: Projectors use VGA or DVI cables. You must plug the cable into a matching video port on your computer. Although some computers have both types of video ports, most laptops just have one type. Some projectors can be connected to a USB port on your computer with a USB cable.
  • To display the computer’s image on both the LCD and the laptop, you may need to do the following:
    • For Windows XP= Hold Function(FN) key and press F5 or F3
    • For Windows 7= Windows logo key   windows key  and press P