In line with the Department’s productivity improvement program, the Planning Service has developed an On-Line Tech Support Facility for dealing with the commonly encountered IT problems. These problems do not actually require the expertise of an IT tech personnel. An understanding of the basic connections of the different computer components is all that is needed in some cases. The more seemingly difficult problems can likewise be solved by the computer user even without extensive knowledge in IT, for as long as the user possesses the basic knowledge for setting up a computer and its operations. Consequently, if such were so, the productive time of the DOLE IT tech support personnel, as well as other IT users would be spent where his expertise is most needed.

IT users who have to wait for a tech support personnel to make their computers work are unproductive in that stretch of time. However, if they are able to fix their ICT problems with just the basic understanding, they become more efficient and effective in the delivery of outputs.

In view of the above, the Planning Service has developed the “Know IT” (Virtual Tech Support), a web-based online help facility that will serve as a tool to assist IT users on how to troubleshoot basic IT problems which are commonly encountered during daily operations. In this regard, the Planning Service proposes to conduct an orientation and training on the online help facility for personnel from OSEC, Services and Bureaus with minimal IT knowledge.